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Since COVID-19 the world has seen a change in the lives of most people that are switching from regular mode to virtual mode. Whether it is the professional life of a person or the academics of a student. Today, this has become a lifestyle of many people and Amity University Online (AUO) is helping students by providing them with good quality education at their ease. 


What is useful in this blog for students? 

In this blog, students will read about How amity university Online has helped a large number of students in obtaining their desired degree at being in their comfort zone also what has been the most searched course that is provided by Amity University Online (AUO), what all courses do Amity University Online provides and whether the degree obtained from AUO is valid.

Amity University Online

Amity Education group is one of the leading educational groups in India and ranks among the top 3% of Universities worldwide. Amity University Online was started in 2005 and since then it has been a great source of knowledge for students in their desired courses. The university has the top-ranked faculty and experts who are highly qualified and well-trained. 

The university provides specialized courses in the below-mentioned following-

  • Management 
  • Information and technology 
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Commerce
  • Media and Journalism
  • Amity PROx
  • Trending Programs 

The degree provided by Amity University Online is equivalent to a degree obtained from any regular university. The University has been recognized by NAAC with an A+ grade, and AICTE. Also, the university is approved by UGC and Distance Education Board.

Why Amity University Online?

These days it has become a struggle for students to manage their time for other activities along with their studies. With both, the schedule becomes monotonous and hectic. Amity University Online understands the worth of education along with students’ comfort and gives preference to both. Hence provides sufficient benefits to the students to understand their desired course without making them forget that there is a life outside of education that exists.  For which the university provides-

  • Daily Lives classes for students by the internationally Reputed Faculty 
  • Personalized Mentorship by the top industry leaders.
  • Helps in Portfolio building of the students with real-life projects. 
  • Hand-holding by student relationship managers
  • Doubt sessions for the students to sort their queries.
  • Recorded sessions for the students.

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Amity University Online has International Collaborations with Ivy Leauge Universities and has provided more than 50,000+ placements to students in the Top companies around the world. Students are so attracted to and feel benefited by the university that today the university has more than 3,00,000+ contacts of student alumni around the globe. 

Around the globe, Amity University has 13 International campuses and has 27+ years of educational experience with a completion rate of 92%. After knowing a lot about amity university and how is it worth taking admission let’s talk about how which has been the most popular course or courses in the university.

Most preferred courses in Amity Univesity Online-

Recently, it has been seen that although the courses Amity Online University provides are insanely chosen by the students after looking at the benefits and career opportunities with the courses however there have been 2 courses for which students have applied the most. They are-

  1. Amity MBA Online 
  2. Amity MCA Online

Now, why not look at why these courses are among the most preferred courses at Amity University Online 

Amity University Online MBA-

Amity provides a Master’s course in Business administration which is a 2-year course and it has been seen as one of the most popular degrees by hiring managers. But, many universities provide MBA courses on the expensive side which students find hard to afford.

Amity MBA Course Online is an affordable course, which means the course will be taught to the students virtually. Still, the degree that will be granted to the students after the completion of the course will be equivalent to the degree obtained from any regular university.

Flexible learning hours and doubt-session with the experts make education easy at Online Amity University which reduces the stress of students and the pressure of managing studies along with their daily busy schedule. This opens a door for enthusiastic learners of all ages. 

Further, the university also allows students to participate in virtual job fairs which are organized by the university. Here the hiring partners are Flipkart, Myntra, Amazon, Hindustan Private Limited, Yes Bank, HCL, Deloitte, Tech Mahindra, and many more reputed companies. Now, see how you can look at yourself after obtaining this degree-

  1. Management consultant 
  2. Operations Manager 
  3. Sales Manager 
  4. Marketing Manager 
  5. Human resources Manager 
  6. Product Manager 
  7. Operations Manager 
  8. Management Consultant

What are the eligibility criteria for Amity MBA Online-

A student must have obtained a graduate degree from a recognized university and should have sufficient knowledge of English knowledge. 

The course at Online Amity is for students who are seeking a global career in the field of finance, marketing, Management, sales, and many more.

Amity University MCA Online-

Amity University Online provides a Master’s course in Computer application and the course is taught by eminent international faculty. Amity MCA Course Online is an affordable course that has become a point of attraction for students. Although the degree has equal validation as any other degree obtained from any recognized university. 

The university has dedicated career coaches who help students throughout their learning journey and holistic career development services are provided to the students at Amity Online University.

The university has eminent hiring partners such as TATA, Cognizant, Infosys, Accenture, and more. Now let’s see what you can expect of yourself after the completion of this course-

  1. Software architect
  2. Software consultant 
  3. Software Tester
  4. Softer Developer
  5. Computer system analyst
  6. Database Administrator

Also, after the completion of Amity MCA Online students can expect high packages at eminent companies and eligibility for taking admission into Amity University Online-

 A student should have a bachelor’s degree (preferably in Bachelor of Computer Science) from any recognized university and should have sufficient knowledge of the English Language.

Amity Univesity Online provide Affordable and worth pursuing degrees for enthusiastic learners and we hope students must have got enough reasons to convince themselves to pursue their desired degree by being in their comfort.