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Strong Headline- While reading any type of content what influences readers are the headline of the content. They choose it from the headline if they want to read the content ahead or just want to skip it. 

Hence, the headline of any content should be made in a way that can compel the reader to read the content or excite the reader to know what interesting matter could be there in the content.

Interesting Introduction- The article should not be just restricted to an attractive headline but also should carry on to an interesting introduction. Why is it so? After reading the article if the headline excites them, they read the intro just to ensure is the article worth reading ahead. Hence introduction works as analytical content to the reader through which they ensure if they want to read the article or will just skip it.

Remember the specific audience to be targeted- The type of content one is writing must have a base(topic) that the article will depend upon and people have different choices in what type of topic they are interested in.

Therefore write an article in such a way that it will attract a particular type of audience by keeping in mind what topic are you writing about and what type of audience will read it which will help in making a loyal audience to your content. 

Narrow the focus of your article- Many times while writing the content, content writers forget about what they are writing about specifically and expand the direction of the topic.

This will confuse the audience and will make the content complicated for the readers or they might not understand the content which will lower their interest in reading your article.

Add knowledge the readers want-  While writing the article, keep in mind what information your audience is demanding. Do not go with vague content that will make your content monotonous. Keep it crisp and simple but do add the information or knowledge your audience is demanding or else the article won’t interest them or will be useless to them.

Write engaging content- While writing any type of content keep in mind that reading can be boring if not engaging. Hence the content should excite the audience to keep reading. 

For example, Add sentences including question tags this will help in maintaining the reader’s interest.  Or write in a way by keeping in mind what type of audience you are writing for. Use SEO tools.

Add actionable tips- Write the article in a way that will also not just give the information to the readers but will also tell them if a particular thing is to be done, and how will it be done. What are the steps for that, what tools can be used for that particular purpose and how will they work? 

Add value to your article- Make your article different from others, and a point to keep in mind while writing your content is why should anyone read your article or content?

Add Trust factors- Why should the readers read your article? How can they trust you or the facts you have added to your article? Keep in mind while writing an article that it should not be plagiarized and the facts included in the article should not be fake. To maintain the trust factors, add authorized links to the article. Mention what statement is taken from where. Refer official website from where the facts are being taken. 

Use outline- while writing an article do use outlines this will help you to write the content in a better and well-structured way.